Neetu Josh Art Co

Our team is here to share all our tips and tricks we've learned while working in this industry so that you too can recreate any of our signature looks!


Next Class: Intricate Bridal Updo

In this class, I'll be sharing a detailed bridal updo and all the tricks that come along with creating a solid base for dupatta setting! We will also be showing bridal makeup with a splash of green on the lower lash line.

Future Class:

Smokey blue eye makeup paired with the classic Hollywood waves! It's the perfect reception glam for those bold brides who just want to look their best! 

Elevate Your Skills

Find out how to create all of Neetu Josh Art Co's signature bridal looks. There is so much to learn since the bridal industry is ever-changing, so don't miss out on the opportunity to learn all the new trends in makeup and hair!


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