About Us

Neetu Josh is an artist located in the Central Valley but has traveled worldwide for her endearing brides! She started her makeup and hair artistry work in 2015 and never looked back. Ever since she was a child she had a knack for art. She would sketch detailed artwork and especially loved drawing portraits. Ever since then she picked up on the techniques of shading, coloring, and highlighting which have molded her artistic visions when it comes to makeup. 

Neetu has since then spent countless hours in dedication to perfecting and honing her craft. She is a proud, self taught artist and now teaches others so they too can follow their dreams! Her only goal is to make clients not only look beautiful but also feel that way, and for her students to fall in love with their artistry.

Since all of the love from you guys has grown over the years, the Neetu Josh Art Co team has grown as well! We are wholly committed to serving you in any way we can!

 Please send all inquiries to: [email protected]


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